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vir: Findhorn Foundation, Ecovillage Training (EVT) Manual

Ecovillages and the New Frontiers for Sustainability

Directory of Eco-villages in Europe - GEN

Quantum Self - Danah Zohar

Quantum Society - Danah Zohar

The Turning Point - Fritjof Capra

Earth as Lover, Earth as Self - Joanna Macy

The Ages of Gaia - James Lovelock

Creating a Life Together- Dianne Leafe Christian

Ecovillage Living Hildur Jackson

Science and the Akashic Field- Ervin Laszlo

The Hidden Connections - Fritjof Capra


Building effective groups: Democracy, Empowerment and Creativity

Playful Self-Discovery - David Earl Platts, Findhorn Press, ISBN 1-899171-06-1

The Book of Games and Warm Ups for Group Leaders - Gale Centre Publications, ISBN

1870258 30 4

New Games for the Whole Family - Putnam Group, ISBN 0399 5144 81

Coaching for Performance - John Whitmore (Nicholas Brealey, 1996), 2nd Ed.

Supervision in the Helping Professions - Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet (Open

University Press 2nd edition, 2000)

Reclaiming Higher Ground - Creating Organisations that Inspire the Soul - Lance HK

Secretan (MacMillan, 1997) ISBN 07715-7479-7

The Heart Aroused - Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America David

Whyte (Currency Doubleday, 1996)

Brain Gym - Paul and Gail Dennison, published by Edu-Kinesthetics, Inc. Post Office Box

3396, Ventura, CA 93006-3396 USA.

Coming Back to Life - Joanna Macy and Molly Young

Despair and Personal Power in the Nuclear Age - Joanna Macy

A Better World - Harvey Jackins (Rational Island Pubs., 1992) ISBN 0-913937-64-9

Time to Think - Nancy Kline (Ward Lock, 1999) ISBN 0-7063-7745-1


Process Oriented Psychology:

Deep Democracy and Open Forums - Arnold Mindell

Sitting in the Fire - Arnold Mindell ISBN:1-887078-00-2

Leader as Martial Artist - Arnold Mindell




Permaculture - Design for Sustainability

Earth Users Guide to Permaculture - Rosemary Morrow

Introduction to Permaculture - Bill Mollison

Permaculture - Bill Mollison (2 copies)

Action Learning Manual - The Permaculture Academy of Britain, Aug 1997

The Source Book - Pecos River Farms

Permaculture Two - Bill Mollison

Blackenfields Farm Luppitt, Concept Design

The Blackdown Hills Sustainable Development Initiative, Final Report

Cohousing - Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett

Plants for a Future - Ken Fern

Developing Sustainable Communities, A Field Worker’s Manual, Part One

Companion Planting - Richard Bird

Earth Repair Catalogue, No. 3 - Permanent Publications

Backyard Composting - John Roulac

Forest Gardening - Robert A de J Hart

Permaculture in a Nutshell - Patrick Whitefield

CoHousing, Fall 1993 Volume 6 Number 3

CoHousing, Spring 1994 Volume 7 Number 1

Communities Journal of Cooperative Living, Summer 1998 Issue 99,

Communities Journal of Cooperative Living 1998, Issue 101

Home Power, Issue No. 37 October/November 1993

Rebuilding Community in America -Ken Norwood


EarthShare: Food, Farming and Community

The New Organic Grower – Eliot Coleman

The Organic Tradition - Philip Cornford

Solviva – Anna Edey

The One-Straw Revolution - Masonobu Fukuoka

Bringing the Food Economy - Back Home Helena Norberg-Hodge

Farms of the Future Revisited - Trauger Groh

Organic farming - Nicholas Lampkin

The Little Food Book - Craig Sams

Stolen Harvest - Vandana Shiva

Seeds of Deception - Geoffrey Smith

So Shall We Reap, Penguin 2003 - Colin Tudge



Designing Sustainable Human Settlements

Out of the Woods - Pat Borer and Cindy Harris, CAT 1994

Eco-Villages and Sustainable Communities - Findhorn Press, 1995

Recollection & Change - Kirsten Klein & Inger Klingenberg, 1995

The Feng Shui Handbook - Master lam kam chuen, 1995

Gaia - James Lovelock, 1991 (hard back)

The Architecture of Jubilation - James Hubbell, 1998 (English and Russian)

Energy from Nature - Peter Pedals, 1996, ninth edition

Eco-Villages and Sustainable Communities - Context Institute, 1997

Save the Earth - Jonathon Porritt, 1992

The Gaia Atlas of Planet Management - Norman Myers, 1994

Sustainable House - Michael Mobbs, 1998

From the Ground Up - Peter Goering/Helena Norberg-Hodge/John Page, 1993

The Green Fuse - John Button, 1990

The Ecology of Commerce - Paul Hawken, 1994

The Almanac of Renewable Energy - Richard Golob and Eric Brus, 1993

Healthy Homes in a Toxic Worl - Maury M. Breecher M.P.H. & Shirley Linde Ph.D.

The Healthy Home - Linda Mason Hunter, 1990

Growing a Business - Paul Hawken, 1988

From Eco-Cities to Living Machines - Nancy Jack Todd and John Todd,1994

Solar Living Source Book, John Schaeffer& Real Goods Staff, 1994, eighth edition

From the Earth Up - Otto B. Rigan, 1979

Palace Doors of Adu Dhabi - Otto B. Rigan, 1982

From Earth to Spirit - David Pearson, 1994

Cohousing, Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett with Ellen Hertzman, 2nd edit.

The Natural House Book, David Pearson, 1989

The Strawbale House - Athena Swentzell Steen & Bill Steen & David Bainbridge

The New Natural House Book - David Pearson, 1998

The Natural House Catalog - David Pearson, 1996


Right Livelihood: Towards a New Social Economy


Contraction and Convergence – Aubrey Meyer, 2000 (Green Books)

Bioregional Solutions For Living on One Planet – Pooran Desai and Sue Riddlesdale,

2002 (Green Books)

A Tale of Two Ecovillages - Jonathan Dawson, Resurgence, Autumn 2004

Short Circuit: Strengthening Local Economies for Security in an Unstable World – Richard

Douthwaite, 1996 (Green Books)



The Case Against the Global Economy: and for a turn towards the local – Jerry Mander

and Edward Goldsmith, 1996 (Sierra Club Books)

The Limits to Growth; The 30-Year Update — Meadows, Randers, Meadows, 2004,

(Chelsea Green)

Beyond Globalisation: Shaping a Sustainable Global Economy – Hazel Henderson, 1999

(Kumarian Press)

Transforming Economic Life: A Millennial Challenge – James Robertson, 1998 (Green


The Growth Illusion – Richard Douthwaite, 1990 (Green Books)

Sharing Nature’s Interest: Ecological Footprints as an Indicator of Sustainability – N.

Chamber et al., 2000 (Earthscan)

Eco-economy – Lester Brown, 2001 (Earthscan)

Small is Beautiful: a study of economics as if people mattered – E.F. Schumacher, 1973

(Blond & Briggs)

Funny Money: In Search of Alternative Cash – David Boyle, 2000 (Flamingo)

Shifting Direction: From Global Dependence to Local Interdependence – Helena Norbert-



Deep Ecology, Wilderness & Ecological Restoration

Thinking Like a Mountain - John Seed, Joanna Macy, Pat Fleming & Arne Naess.

New Society Publishers, 1988 ISBN 0-86571-133-X

Saving Nature’s Legacy - Reed F. Noss and Allen Y. Cooperider. Published by Island

Press, 1994 ISBN 1-55963-248-8

Continental Conservation edited by Michael E. Soule and John Terborgh. Published by

Island Press, 1999 ISBN 1-55963-698-X

Ishmael - Daniel Quinn. Bantam Books 1992/95 ISBN 0-553-37540-7

Restoring the Earth, edited by John Berger Anchor/Doubleday 1987 ISBN 0-385-23931-9

In Service of the Wild - Stephanie Mills Beacon Press 1995 ISBN 0-8070-8535-9

Deep Ecology for the 21st Century edited by George Sessions. Shambhala 1995 ISBN 1-


The Song of the Dodo - David Quammen. Pimlico 1997 ISBN 0-7126-7393-4

A Sand County Almanac - Aldo Leopold. Oxford University Press 1949/89 ISBN 0-19-


The Future Eaters - Tim Flannery. Reed New Holland 1994 ISBN 1-87633-421-5



Art for the Healing of Our World

But is it Art? The Spirit of Art in Activism by Nina Felshin, Paperback - November 1994

Creative Healing: How to Heal Yourself by Tapping into Your Hidden Creativity by Michael

Samuels and Mary Rockwood Lane, HarperCollins, 1998

Of Water and The Spirit - Ritual, Magic and Initiation in The Life of an African Shaman by

Mailroom Patricia Some, Arkana-Penguin Books 1994

Calling the Circle - The First and Future Culture by Christina Baldwin, Swan Raven & Co


Blessing - The Art and the Practice by David Spangler, Riverbed Books 2001

I Come As A Brother - A Remembrance of Illusions by Bartholomew, Hay House 1998

Crossing the Unknown Sea - WORK as a Pilgrimage of Identity by David White, Riverbeds

Books, 2001

Playful Self Discovery by David Earl Plates, Findhorn Press

The Different Drum, the creation of true community by Scott Peck, Arrow Books, 1987

Gesundheit - Bringing good health to you, the medical system, and society through

physician service, complementary therapies, humour and joy by Patch Adams, MD,

Healing Arts Press 1993

Thinking like a mountain - towards a council of all beings by John Seed, Joanna Macy, Pat

Fleming, Arne Naess. New Society Publishers, Philadelphia, USA. 1988

Freeing the Creative Spirit: Drawing on the Power of Art to Tap the Magic & Wisdom

Within by Adriana Diaz, Harper SanFrancisco

The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron, Putnam Pub


Labyrinths-ancient myths & modern uses by Sig Lonegren, Gothic Image, publications




Video and DVD Library


Christiania, You have my heart – about the anarchist commune in Copenhagen

Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh (International Society for Ecology and Culture -


Local Futures: Beyond the Global Economy (ISEC)

The Future of Progress – interviews with pioneers (ISEC)

Crystal Waters: Permaculture Village – the famous Australian ecovillage

The City Repair Project: Transforming Space Into Place – urban renewal project

The Urban Oasis Project - urban renewal project

Community Exchange – community currency system in Scotland

NAAM – the history of a community-based organisation in Burkina Faso, West Africa

Minding Mining: A Development Paradigm in 3 Parts (from the Philippines)

The Future of Paradise: The European Ecovillage Experience

Ecovillages: The Dream and the Dreamers
– filmed at a GEN-Europe General


Planning for Climate Change (Centre for Alternative Technology)

Together – fun, feature film on a fictional Swedish commune

Development from Below – on the Sarvodaya ecovillage movement in Sri Lanka

Visions of Utopia: Experiments in Sustainable Culture

The Haven – reality TV arrives at Findhorn!

Sustainable in Community – film about a study of CO2 emissions in German

communities and Ecovillages


DVDs and CD-ROMs

The Revolution Will Not be Televised: Inside Chavez’s Venezuela

Who Owes Whom? An introduction to ecological debt

Ecological Design: Inventing The Future

Powerdown: Coping with energy famine

Confronting the Evidence: A call to re-open the 9-11 investigation

Iraq for Sale – corporate exploitation

The Ground Truth – about the reality on the ground for US troops in Iraq

The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of America

The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream

Peak Oil 2007–10?: Imposed by Nature

Houses of Straw: The Rediscovery of Straw-bale Building

The power of Community: how Cuba survived peak oil

The Greening of Cuba

Complementary Currencies in Europe

Auroville 36 Years of Research: Towards a Sustainable Future

A formula for peace – the work of the Tamera ecovillage


Village Power – more from Tamera

Global to Local – ISEC’s local food programme slide-show

Smell the Roses - about Christiania, the anarchist commune in Copenhagen

Sustainable in Community – film about a study of CO2 emissions in German

communities and Ecovillages

Ecovillages in Europe – a CD-ROM with lots of information about Ecovillages in Europe